I'm so happy you stopped by the shop!

This is Mir here, founder of Object Fabricate and fine printer of hand dyed apparel and home linens.  I've been a maker for decades, and in 2015, I finally stepped out of my corporate career to start Object Fabricate.

I love running a business that has really great customers and friends.  And you know what? Object Fabricate has some special people who gave me valuable feedback in my early days and helped me get this business off the ground.  Now Object Fabricate has grown up and sells to retail customers and wholesale stockists far and wide. But at its heart, Object Fabricate is still just focused on making the best hand dyed apparel and home linens I can, and giving 100% to my customers every day.

I welcome you to shop my products and drop me a line at miriam@objectfabricate.com to share some love, ask a question, or request a custom order. 

 All the best,

Miriam Saari, Founder
Object Fabricate